Perth Hackers Beginnings

We're newbie open sourcers looking to help grow the hacker community here in Perth, Western Australia

Our Repositories


Meetups (we also have a iCalendar feed of meetup dates)

Gitter Channel

Gitter channel for real time chat

Best Starters Guide for Open Source

We have a Hubpress Blog

Hubpress Blog

Members can post on the blog

  1. Learn how to do some basic writing using Asciidoc
  2. Explore the Hubpress Knowledge base
  3. Goto the blog admin page at
  4. Login using your personal github username and password
  5. Click on the + symbol on the top right hand side of the page to add a page
  6. Write your post
  7. Save your post
  8. Click on "Publish"
  9. Goto and learn how to publish your own blog

Other Resources